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You will have a unique experience with the disks in this series. From seamanship to customs and registration procedures, gain knowledge and skills for successful, comfortable cruising.

Many of the challenges we encountered when setting out are standard issues that most people have to approach with trial and error. You may be setting out on an adventure in locations that you know very little about, from the Intracoastal Waterway through The Bahamas to The Caribbean. These disks will help you to plan everything from effective refrigeration, onboard electrical power, the best routes, and the most pristine beaches.

Lots of people have The Dream to go cruising. If you are like we were, you may be wondering about how to even start... How large of a boat is required? Doesn't it pitch (and heel) on ocean passages? What about getting seasick? Is there space for a family on a single boat (even a megayacht)? What is it like sailing out of sight of land? Sailing at night (with/without the moon)? Can you actually sail across miles and miles of vacant ocean and find a tiny island? Will repairs be needed along the way? What then?

Did you know that if you wanted to contain your budget, you could transit the entire IntraCoastal Waterway and boat through the Bahamas without staying one night in a marina? Sometimes you may want to dock, to explore a historic city perhaps. But you may also want to anchor off a pristine beach or barbecue dinner off your own stern rail in your bathing suit. Whether you are underway now, or dreaming of a future trip, you will gain a better understanding of how you could head off on your own extended cruise, and the stopping places and passages along the way, with these interactive cruising guides.

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