Q. I use Windows XP and got an Active Media warning message. What do I do?
Some versions of Windows give this standard message saying that Microsoft ActiveX is going to enable some movie controls. To use Windows Media Player the normal way, just click "Cancel" and play each movie by clicking the asterisk (*) beside each. (If you still have trouble, you can re-insert the disk and select OK instead.) Clicking OK simply enables you to view the movies with QuickTime if you install it at some point.

Q. How do I watch full-screen?
This is easy in Windows Media Player. When you see a movie link, click on the asterisk "*" beside it to open the movie in Windows Media Player. Then click the button to toggle to Full-Screen Mode when the movie plays, and then back to the smaller size when the movie is finished.

Q. Will these disks work on my television?
The disks are for computers and are not designed for passive television viewing. They are meant to be interactive cruising guides, rather than a 2-hour movie that you watch from beginning to end in one sitting. We have maps, written text, links and video that you can browse and click and print.

Q. Do these disks have Auto-start?
Yes. With any version of Windows, the disk will be read when it is inserted in your computer's DVD drive. After a moment, Windows should automatically pop open the first page on the disk. (Unfortunately, there is no auto-start capability for Mac users.)

Q. QuickTime is installed on my Windows computer, but a broken puzzle piece shows up where the movie should be. What's wrong?
If you use QuickTime with Internet Explorer, you may not have the ActiveX movie control. Try re-inserting the disk. If you get the question about using Active media on the Table of Contents page, click "Yes" that you want to use Active media (i.e., QuickTime). If the problem persists, check the following settings in QuickTime. Open QuickTime and pull down the Edit menu. Choose Preferences, and then Mime Settings. Click beside Video (on the plus sign). Make sure that Video for Windows (.AVI) is activated with a check in the box.


PRESS COVERAGE: The Cruising DVDs have been reviewed recently in Boat for Sale and in Living Aboard magazine (both fall 2006). Look for our ads in Lattitudes & Attitudes and Blue Water Sailing. Also see our review under New Gear in Soundings (03/06):


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