Maps - digital video - pictures - narratives - and Local Knowledge of the key services you'll need in each harbor (water, fuel, supplies, dinghy dock, laundry, trash, propane...). Like an e-book that lets you experience future travel locations, with the most comfortable daily steps that geography will allow for your passage.

Volume 1: The Turks & Caicos to The Virgin Islands and The Leeward Islands of The Caribbean
$19.95 US (ISBN 0-9734971-0-6) Details

The Turquoise Waters of The Bahamas series:

Volume 2: The Gulf Stream to Mayaguana Island
$19.95 US (ISBN 0-9734971-2-2) Details

Volume 3: The Exumas
$19.95 US (ISBN 0-9734971-4-9) Details

Volume 4: The Abacos
$19.95 US (ISBN 0-9734971-6-5) Details

For the most comfortable daily passages,
click here for Google Maps of the actual sailing routes,
or download the Google Earth file to fly through.

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