Treasure Cay Marina, Bahamas
75 second movie reduced to small picture size for the web (8.7 mb).

Sailing on the Sea of Abaco
2 second clip at the full dimensions on the DVDs (2.2 mb).

On the disks you'll see hundreds of locations, all sorts of cruising boats, and a lot of exciting sailing footage during passages.

This is high-resolution digital video. The movie quality is based on our extensive research on digital video formatting. The movies are configured to automatically use the standard movie player on Windows and Macintosh computers, and any standard web browser (e.g., Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Netscape). You should not need to install any extra software. Computer requirements.

If you need a movie player or want a free upgrade, most people get either Quicktime or Windows Media Player. Both are available for Windows and Macintosh, and are free downloads.

You can click View Full Screen with any of our movies while they are playing in Windows Media Player.

At left are two examples that we can show over the web. Try them both and you'll get a taste of some of the interesting cruising destinations that the wind can carry you to.


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