SailTimer Inc. Privacy Policy for iOS App Store

1. Data used
When using this app you may be asked to register by providing name, homeport and country, boat name and a verification email address. You then have the capability to view crowdsourced wind maps, and may have the option within the app to turn on Sharing and contribute data to the crowdsourced wind maps.

Sharing your data is optional. The data would show wind speed and direction, GPS information such as location and heading, with the option to display your boat name.

This data is used to improve traditional marine weather forecasts, and for regatta officials, audiences and coaches to display routes and races in apps or web browsers online.

2. Third-Party Use of Data
Your wind and GPS data may be accessed by a navigation app that you are using that collaborates with SailTimer to receive and display wireless data from the SailTimer API app or the wireless Wind Instrument. If you are crowdsourcing your wind data, it could be accessed from SailTimer’s cloud database by other sailors and the public, or by collaborating weather organizations through SailTimer’s cloud database API.

3. Data Retention
Data sent by the SailTimer API app to a viewing app is not stored by the API; the API simply receives the Bluetooth packets and converts them in to standard formats of marine data for you to view in another app. For optional crowdsourced data, you do not need to share data, and have the option to turn off crowdsourcing at any time (although the more users there are sharing data, the better the crowdsourced wind maps get). SailTimer Inc. is taking on an ambitious project of storing all of the incoming crowdsourced data, to match up with worldwide marine weather forecasts. Then for a specific wind forecast in a particular location, we can tell what effect the headlands have on that location, and display much higher-resolution wind maps than have ever been possible before. The wind data from any user is ordinarily anonymous, but they could display their boat name if desired. The wind and GPS dataset from any user could be deleted on request, by email to









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