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Navionics Charts Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Safety warnings: Navionics maps are designed to provide ancillary aid to navigation by facilitating the use of authorized government charts, not to replace such charts. Only official government charts and notices to mariners contain all information needed for safe navigation. The user is responsible for the prudent use of such products. Any track generated by electronic charts, autorouting software or similar tools are basic suggestions for route planning only and must not be used for direct navigation. Hikers, bikers and skiers are encouraged to comply with all applicable rules, including speed limits, and to adopt safe, prudent and vigilant behaviors. The user participating in road traffic and/or in any other environment (such as mountain) is responsible for the prudent use of products and shall act in such a way as not to harm or endanger or hinder or create inconvenience to any other person.

Privacy: When displaying Navionics charts, some personal data, including location, are collected by Navionics, based on Navionics’ privacy policy.








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