SailTimer Inc. is a 2012 and 2013 sponsor of the Lake Ontario 300, the Susan Hood Trophy RaceLake Ontario Short-Handed Racing Series, and the Georgian Bay Regatta.





The SailTimer™ software was developed in Halifax, Canada by an R&D team led by Craig Summers, PhD. Summers previously produced The Cruising DVDs, an interactive cruising guide series covering the entire route from the coast of Florida across the Gulf Stream, through The Bahamas, The Turks & Caicos, The Virgin Islands, and into The Caribbean.

SailTimer Inc. (originally Indepth Navigation) is the company behind the SailTimer app, SailTimer for Windows, SailTimer for Google Maps, The Sailing GPS™, the wireless, solar-powered SailTimer Wind Vane™, and for boats of all sizes, the new SailTimer Wind Instrument™. 

Who have we licensed to?  You'll see credits to the patented SailTimer tacking functions in products including:

• MacENC for Apple computers (USA):  features  screenshots

• Fugawi (Canada):  reselling 

• NavSim for Windows (Europe):  "SailCruiser"  screenshots

• TackPad (USA):  iPad app

For an overview of the hardware and software we have produced, there have been short YouTube demos as some of the new features and innovations have appeared.


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